ConnectExpert is a web app to get a doctor’s advice online. It uses the SaaS model. The app helps find a specialist, arrange a visit, obtain an advice via audio/video/chat, pay the consultation and leave a review. Websites: and

Target audience:

  1. Clinics. This is an opportunity to implement an additional service for their patients. ConnectExpert can be integrated with a clinic’s website or EHR/EMR system. Also, using ConnectExpert makes it possible to organize an online clinic or Patient Portal.
  2. Aggregator projects. They give possible private specialists to engage clients. You can organize an aggregation platform using ConnectExpert in both niches: medical (psychologists, therapists, nutritionist etc.) and general (advises from doctors, financiers, lawyers, astrologers, clairvoyants, sport coaches etc.).

Major features:

  • doctor profiles
  • search for doctors
  • patient card
  • online registration for a visit
  • online consultation (audio, video, text, file sending)
  • charging for consultation (via PayPal)
  • consultation archive
  • rating and review system
  • multi-chat (it is possible to connect more specialists to the consultation)
  • stats on doctors’ work
  • multi-language (English, Polish, German, Russian)
  • can be integrated with a clinic’s website

Technologies used in the project:

  • AngularJS
  • nodeJS
  • php
  • mongo DB
  • Redis
  • mysql
  • webRTC (RTCMultiConnection)

The project has a 3-tier architecture: user interaction layer, business logic layer and database layer. This scheme allows easy horizontal scaling of the project.

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