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Saturday, 23 May 2015 07:15
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Many consulting companies and entrepreneurs are following the popular trend and planning to use the online channel to deliver their services. They often wonder whether it is beneficial and whether the remote advice is useful for clients. The answer to both questions is yes. Virtual communication is neither worse nor better than the real one, it’s just different and being used differently, it has its advantages and differences while using on various fields of business.

Thus, conventionally, there are three ways to implement “teleconsulting” depending on the degree of involvement of the channel in use.

Three-channel implementation of telemedicine

The most extensive use of online communication takes place in areas where consulting services (while meeting with clients) are valuable themselves. For example: certain medical advice, counseling, coaching, and consulting of tutors, stylists, spirituals and others. It means that the customer pays for the consultation itself as for the fully provided comprehensive service.

Such businesses are the easiest to provide the virtual services in, as their activities can be easily implemented online fully and intact. The meetings with customers will be almost the same as at the office, but online instead!

The situation is different when experts are forced to take a comprehensive approach to client’s issue in order to give a full advice (legal advice, financial or business consulting etc…) In such cases, meeting with a client is also paid, but not enough for a full service. For example, in addition to meeting legal advice often requires paperwork, drafting, visiting authorities and so on. In this case, the customer usually pays for the set of jobs or result.

In case of legal business, it often happens that a client chooses not to pay for consultations within the complex services rendered, considering consulting meetings being “just a talk”, not realizing that the lawyer has spent time on it that should be compensated. There are also situations when a client asks to clarify anything in five minutes defers the conversation for hours. In such cases, it could be a good idea to deal with a customer to communicate online through a paid channel on the company’s site.

This will make the clients appreciate the experts’ time. The experts will receive a fee for their work, and afterward won’t have to chase the customer, reminding that once s/he applied for advice and spent a certain amount of time. Unlike face to face consulting, it is possible to regulate communication more clearly. The system also takes into account the consultation time and date, and displays the info for both clients and experts.

The third case is when consulting is an extension of off-line services or a supporting form of interaction (e.g. customer help). For example, after the patient has undergone surgery, s/he receives aftercare at home under the remote medical supervision. Often these kinds of consultations are free and intended to increase customer loyalty, help to make a deal or extend the basic service making it more complete and efficient.

In this case, online interaction will help to benefit by calls and requests statistics gathering, controlling the load of experts, enabling the customer to save on calls abroad, etc.

Telemedicine platform for hospitals, medical centers and private doctors

For different fields of activity, there are various ways to implement virtual communication in business. If this resource is used as efficiently as possible, it will help to cover new markets, cut costs, compete successfully, and increase the number of clients and services provided.

It is necessary, maximize the use of online communication tools because it will help to cover the Internet audience. In order to make it, companies or entrepreneurs implement online consulting systems on their sites, as the site is a representative office in the Net. It allows to provide an interaction with a client as if s/he had come to the office.

Such a way of interaction is different from (example): Skype calls that it takes a full account of time working with the client, file sharing, and payment services. Working with the customer within the site is like meeting them at the office or communicating on Skype means to meet them in a cafe.

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