About us

About the company

We are a trusted and experienced team of software developers with a long history of creating and maintaining programs for online interaction. The ConnectExpert team is always willing to work with its clients, providing improvements and adapting and optimizing the product to best meet the customers' needs.

Competition in healthcare is becoming virtual. A great majority of European and US patients would like to have online support provided by their hospitals, and they have the freedom to choose among providers that meet their needs. Meanwhile, rising healthcare costs, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and technological innovations place an ever-increasing burden on doctors and health care facilities to stay competitive by prioritizing patient services.

This is why we are the #1 virtual assistant for medical centers, hospitals and individual physicians eager to optimize practice efficiency and patient satisfaction by moving towards e-health.

Our mission

Our purpose is to improve the quality of medical treatment and optimize doctors' work by implementing technological innovation.

The eHealth market is quickly emerging and rapidly changing. Our team is riding the wave of these exciting developments, working hard to improve hospital admission risk prediction, patient engagement, safety, interoperability and usability when producing our software.

Our primary goal is using e-health and telemedicine to drive sweeping global. International patient and doctor-centric solutions to common challenges can be achieved. ConnectExpert has the tools and the focus to make streamlined, affordable care a reality for all.

  • Artur Verba
    Artur Verba
  • Andrew Azaroff
    Andrew Azaroff
  • Anastasiya Karpova
    Anastasiya Karpova
    Marketing Executive
  • Valeriy Dmitryakov
    Valerii Dmitryakov
    MD, Professor of Pediatrics
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