ConnectExpert: An interactive patient
portal to engage your patients

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Implement the best features of telemedicine combined with patient portal technology

  • Conduct virtual meetings with your patients via audio or video calls or text chat.
  • Conveniently schedule appointments online.
  • Easily manage and track chart updates using your patients' Personal Health Records.
  • Track the effectiveness of ConnectExpert with system performance reports.
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Boost patient
engagement and satisfaction
with telemedicine

patients report satisfaction with telemedicine services

patients are more likely to select a provider who provides healthcare interaction online

doctor visits may be held online

  • Advantages for your practice

  • Higher value of a doctor’s time

    Enhance your practice’s efficiency by delivering services online. Trim routine time associated with “in the room” visits by making your length of stay shorter. Telemedicine can also improve patient flow, making more beds available and reducing overcrowding.

  • Improved financial performance

    Achieve lower medical and pharmaceutical costs with a reduced hospital admission and readmission rate. That means less frequent use of the emergency room, and less frequent shuttling between inpatient and outpatient care. Additionally, paid online medical consulting services can be provided.

  • Better patient outcomes

    Keeping in touch with your patients in real time means patients are more willing to engage in managing their own health and wellness. Instant access to patients’ structured Personal Health Records means improved acuity, and online consultations can help to supplement in-person visits.

  • Safety

    With ConnectExpert, patient data will be safe and secure at all times. Patient communications are private and secure.

  • Easy to implement

    Obtaining and maintaining the software is hassle-free. As a ConnectExpert user, you’ll have access to our customer support services at all times, at no extra cost to you. ConnectExpert is an affordable and efficient way to add telemedicine to your practice.

  • High patient satisfaction

    Boost patient satisfaction by providing more convenient and comfortable treatment options. Give busy or very rural patients, or patients with mobility issues, access to your care from a distance. Empower your patients to manage their own wellness remotely when it’s convenient for them.

Higher value of a doctor’s time

Make visits with patients shorter. Cut time and costs related with «in the room» visits, thus free time to treat new patients. Let the doctors work from any convenient place.

Efficient treatment

Keep in touch with your patients and track their health more effectively. Engage patients into their health management. Provide consultations additionally to offline visits. Reduce readmissions.

Increased availability

Allow the doctors be available anytime, from anywhere.


ConnectExpert uses highly secured and safe means of communicating with patients and storing their data.

Patient-focused service

Make treatment be more convenient and comfortable for the patients. Give access to your care for rural areas and disabled persons. Increase patient satisfaction.

Attract more patients

If you are willing to attract new patients ConnectExpert will help you to break geographical restrictions, make your site be proactive and provide your services online.

Mobile friendly!

Patients and doctors can use and provide telemedicine
services on the go! ConnectExpert is available now
on your iPad, iPhone, Android, and on Windows 8 systems.
Videocalling capabilities on iOS are coming soon as well.

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ConnectExpert vs Skype
what is the difference?

Skype is a voice and video messenger program for general use. Many people use it to keep in touch with friends and family, but Skype is not sufficient to provide professional, reliable telemedicine capabilities. To consistently provide high-quality online interaction for your patients, more specific and advanced software is required.

PHR management

Being a simple video messenger service, Skype doesn’t provide any platform for managing the PHR. It doesn't integrate with EMRs or other appropriate healthcare software. The data shared within Skype is not being stored securely at a patient's profile. ConnectExpert collects and analyzes data automatically.

Easy scheduling

With Skype, two people can have a conversation over the web, but when it comes to scheduling a follow-up meeting, Skype doesn’t offer any scheduling services. Doctors cannot input the dates of their availability and patients can't schedule a meeting via Skype. When you add a person to your Skype contact list, you are available to that contact all the time.

Patient portal experience

ConnectExpert creates a private web page for each patients' convenience, enabling them to choose a doctor to interact with, see the doctors' profiles and schedule a time to connect.

Automatic billing

ConnectExpert offers an integrated billing system, enabling healthcare providers to invoice patients directly following online visits.

Reports and tracking

ConnectExpert automatically keeps tabs on the effectiveness of each patient session, and that data is available for review to each health care provider. ConnectExpert tracks number of sessions, missed calls, archive, evaluation and more. By contrast, Skype is isolated from the workflow system.
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Integrate ConnectExpert into your practice
and enhance traditional treatment

    • Primary consultations and diagnostics
    • Outpatient and follow up treatment
    • Urgent care
    • Diabetes control
    • Primary health care
    • Psychiatry
    • Genetics
    • Radiology
    • Pathology
    • Cardiology
    • Chronic diseases
    • Nutrition
    • and many others

Benefits of ConnectExpert

For doctors:
  • optimize follow-up treatment
  • online appointment scheduling with automated reminders to reduce no-shows and cancellations
  • reduce readmissions and hospitalizations
  • track patients' wellness real-time
  • boost patient involvement in health management
  • reduce administrative burdens
For patients:
  • better interaction with doctors
  • easy access to Personal Health Records
  • reduce time spent waiting for an appointment
  • reduce travel
  • receive highly efficient outpatient treatment

ConnectExpert is easy!

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